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Mobile Power: The Next Big Disruption in Video, Film and Live Event Production

The video/film production and live events industry is on the brink of a transformative shift towards more sustainable and efficient power solutions. Portable rechargeable power banks have emerged as a clear frontrunner, offering environmental benefits, quiet operation, enhanced mobility, efficiency, cost savings, and improved safety.

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The Time Box

As a department head, I have many responsibilities and one of the most important is to make sure I stay on schedule for my build and prep days. The Time Box helps me get there.

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Freelancer Hourly Rate Calculator

If you're considering a career in the television and film industry, it's important to understand how hourly rates work in this field. The laws governing this industry are complex, and there are a number of factors that affect your hourly rate. The factors that go into determining your hourly rate include where you live, how experienced you are, what skills you have, the type of project you are working on, and many other factors. In this article, we'll talk about where these laws come from and what they mean for you as a television or film freelancer. We'll also provide a calculator so you can easily see your hourly rate so you know how much to charge for your projects.

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C.A.T.I. - The Camera Audio & Timecode Input Database

Easily and quickly find the audio and timecode inputs for any camera that you're looking for by utilizing CATI.

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North America Frequency Band Distribution Chart

We've put together a one-sheet of common wireless ranges used by location sound mixers in North America. Keep this sheet as a reference to compare frequency ranges across various makes and models.

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