Jankybox Collapsible Apple Box

  • $109.99

The disadvantages that come with your everyday apple box are that it's enclosed and it takes up valuable real estate when stored for travel. What the JANKYBOX  does to remedy these problems is while maintaining the same strong, sturdy functionality of a standard apple box it also provides the added benefits of collapsibility and access to the unused space within.

  • Built from high grade Baltic birch plywood.  
  • All facets of assembly -- cutting wood,  insetting magnets,  branded marks, finish sanding -- are done by hand locally in Los Angeles, California.
  • Height:  20 in
  • Length:  8 in.
  • Width:   12 in.
  • Weight:  11 lbs. with spacers | 10 lbs. without spacers
  • Audio Boom Slot: fits any standard sized boom poles.
  • Baby Pin Slots: threaded slots on both sides of each lid piece

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