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Mobile Power: The Next Big Disruption in Video, Film and Live Event Production

The video/film production and live events industry is on the brink of a transformative shift towards more sustainable and efficient power solutions. Portable rechargeable power banks have emerged as a clear frontrunner, offering environmental benefits, quiet operation, enhanced mobility, efficiency, cost savings, and improved safety.

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C.A.T.I. - The Camera Audio & Timecode Input Database

Easily and quickly find the audio and timecode inputs for any camera that you're looking for by utilizing CATI.

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North America Frequency Band Distribution Chart

We've put together a one-sheet of common wireless ranges used by location sound mixers in North America. Keep this sheet as a reference to compare frequency ranges across various makes and models.

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Viviana & Ursa Straps Length and Color Chart

Here's a handy reference length and color chart for Viviana Straps and Ursa Straps you can print out or keep as the wallpaper on your phone. Download the PDF here

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