C.A.T.I. - The Camera Audio & Timecode Input Database

by Tyler Faison

We find ourselves spending more time researching the inputs on cameras than should be necessary, so we built an internal search engine and database to help expedite our prep for upcoming shoots. Allow us to introduce you to C.A.T.I. - the Camera Audio & Timecode Input database.

Timecode and Audio Input Database

The next step for us is to open it up for public use. We've gotten a decent start, but by opening it up to everyone we will be able to crowdsource the knowledge and experience it takes to simply keep up with the new cameras that are release seemingly every week! 

Key Features

  • Search and Browse various cameras
  • Use an Image URL or upload your own photos of relevant parts of the camera, if available
  • Submit a new or missing camera 
  • Submit An Edit request for any camera
  • Quick link to our timecode cables

Hopefully this helps prep your next gig a little faster. Work smart, not hard.

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  • Would be great if you created one of these that includes HDMI & SDI record options of cameras. And if the HDMI feed is clean 4k….etc…would be super use-full.

    burner on
  • Vers Nice job, congratulations :) .

    Yves on

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