Halter Technical Field Monitor Premium Headset

  • $25.00

The Halter Technical Field Monitor Premium Headset a single-ear headset designed for use with IFB & IEM audio receivers. The high-fidelity speaker offers crystal clear audio monitoring, in a form that is comfortable to wear for an entire production workday. The first and most major improvement with the new monitor is that the connector is now a mono 3.5mm plug, for users who prefer stereo, the field monitor now includes a stereo-to-mono adapter. Using this included adapter will allow users to hear two channels of audio in one single ear. Featured on this IFB monitor is the ultra-lightweight ear hook that swivels to fit either your left or right ear depending on preference, it will also raise up and down to fit ears of all sizes. This ear-hook can alternatively be removed to use this monitor with just the earbud. Another feature of this second generation monitor is the new improved shirt clip, the shirt clip is now removable, and improved with a tighter grip, keeping the cable from sliding and keeps the Field Monitor on your person exactly where you need it and like it.

  • High fidelity speaker for critical audio monitoring
  • Stereo Adapter Included
  • Ultra lightweight ear hook swivels to fit each ear
  • Straight cable won’t kink or catch easily
  • Includes small and large size earbuds for maximum comfort
  • Earbuds can easily be removed for cleaning
  • Removable hook to wear as simple earbuds
  • Compatible with all radios, music players, and IFBs including Lectrosonics, Zaxcom, Sennheiser, and more

Better in every way
Never again should producers or directors have to listen on uncomfortable, terrible sounding gadgets that were built for walkie-talkies. The HT Field Monitor sounds better, feels better, and allows everybody on set to do their job better.

The HT Field Monitor is designed for big ears or small ears, left ears or right ears, ears that feel right with a comfortable hook, and ears that enjoy a simple earbud. The hook on the HT Field Monitor swivels to fit each ear and comes with two sizes of silicone ear buds to give you the best fit possible.

Carefully Crafted
The HT Field Monitor was created with you in mind. The cable is straight, not coiled, and won’t kink or catch easily and wont stretch over time like a coiled cable. A stereo adapter is included for use with Stereo IFB’s, cameras, and music players to deliver two channels of audio into a single ear. The HT Field Monitor will work  IFBs from all manufacturers, including Comteks, Lectrosonics, Zaxcom, Sennheiser, Shure and many more.

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