Lectrosonics DSSM Water-Resistant Micro Digital Wireless Transmitter

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The DSSM is the smallest transmitter with an IP57 rating and a removeable battery, and represents the state of the art in miniature, water resistant transmitter design.

  • IP57 rating: the DSSM will avoid water ingress for 30 minutes or more when submerged under 1 Meter of water (in our tests, it went hours!)
  • Removeable battery: The DSSM uses our LB-50 rechargeable Li-On battery (PN#40106-1) from the IFBR1B and SSM products. This means that existing charging bays like the CHS12LB50, CHS12LB50a, and 40117 dual USB charger can be used with this new transmitter. Easy-to-use onboard buttons and rich display, with the same menu structure as our venerable DBSM family transmitters
  • USB jack located inside the battery compartment for firmware updates in the field, using Wireless Designer software
  • Drop-in charging with the optional CHSDSSM charging bay. This bay charges 4 units or batteries and can be connected to additional units so that up to 16 batteries or units in any combination can be charged from a single DCR5/9AU power supply (just like the similar CHSIFBR1B).
  • All-metal construction
  • Removeable antenna with SMA mount
  • Standard miniature 3-pin connector (same as the SSM)
  • RF Power settings at 10 and 35 mW in D2 mode and 2 mW for HDM mode
  • AES 256-bit CTR encryption with four key policies including Universal, Shared, Standard, and Volatile. This covers a wide variety of use cases including government, corporate, & sports coverage
  • Compatible with DSQD, DCHR, M2Ra, DSR, DSR4, and DCR822 receivers

The DSSM is sold individually (includes antennas, reversible belt clip, battery, pouch).

Lectrosonics CHSDSSM 4-Bay Charging Station for DSSM Transmitters and Batteries



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