Lectrosonics DPR Digital Plug-On Wireless Transmitter/Recorder (470 to 608 MHz) with removeable SMA antenna - Dependable Expendables


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Key Features
  • For D-Squared Digital Systems
  • Mic- or Line-Level Signals, 48V Pantom
  • Onboard Recording with Jam Sync
  • Dual-Envelope Input Limiter

Compatible with D-Squared Series receivers, the Lectrosonics DPR is a digital plug-on wireless transmitter equipped with a built-in recorder. Powered by 4th generation Lectrosonics digital technology, it features high-efficiency circuitry specially developed for extended operating time on two AA batteries. The unit offers reliable, studio-quality audio (with a particularly low noise floor), RF power selections at 25 and 50mW, and is well suited for professional use in TV, broadcast, and film as well as houses of worship and concert venues.

The DPR accepts mic- or line-level signals via a standard XLR connector and provides selectable 5, 15, 48V phantom power to condenser microphones. The input stage employs an ultralow-noise op-amp for quiet operation. It offers a broad range of input-gain adjustment along with DSP-controlled limiting to deliver pristine audio at a 24-bit/48 kHz resolution. The pure digital architecture enables AES 256-CTR encryption for applications requiring high-level security.

The unit can also be used as a standalone recorder, with 24-bit/48 kHz WAV files recorded onto a microSDHC card. The DPR can be jammed with timecode sync for discreet audio file alignment during postproduction. Note that the transmitting and recording functions cannot be used simultaneously. Users must choose to transmit or record.

Setup and adjustments are achieved through a backlit LCD, membrane switches, and an intuitive menu structure. The DPR also offer hands-free setup and adjustment using audible tones via the LectroRM mobile app (available separately). The DPR's housing is constructed of solid machined aluminum for lasting performance.

Wide-Range Input Gain & Dual-Envelope Input Limiter

  • The DPR input preamp features a unique servo-bias design that delivers audible improvements over conventional transmitter inputs, making the unit easier to use and much harder to overload.
  • The input gain is adjustable over a 44 dB range in 1 dB steps, allowing for an exact match to the input signal level, while maximizing the dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio.
  • The transmitter employs a digitally controlled analog audio limiter prior to the A/D converter. The limiter has a range greater than 30 dB for excellent overload protection. A dual-release envelope makes the limiter acoustically transparent while maintaining low distortion. 

Reliable Wireless with Wideband Frequency Agility

  • The DPR tunes in coarse or fine steps across the entire 138 MHz UHF frequency range, from 470 to 608 MHz.
  • The antenna is formed between the machined aluminum housing of the transmitter and the attached microphone or cable. The conical-shaped collar on the input coupler is made of DuPont Delrin material to improve the ERP of the antenna in the uppermost frequency bands.

Intuitive Interface and Fast Setup

  • Setup and adjustments are enabled through a backlit LCD, membrane switches, and an intuitive menu structure.
  • The IR Sync port lets you transfer the frequency settings from the receiver to the transmitter for quick setup.
  • LEDs provide red/green indications of the audio level from -20 dB to the onset of limiting, enabling accurate input-gain adjustment.

Remote Control via LectroRM App

  • The LectroRM app (available separately) is a mobile application that lets you remotely control the DPR. It allows you to change the audio level, frequency, and lock mode wirelessly. The app is available for iOS and Android operating systems.

Other Features

  • Operates for up to 6 hours on two AA batteries—3.5 hours with 48V phantom
  • Firmware updates are made via the microSDHC card. 

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