Viviana Transmitter Ankle Straps Extreme

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The Viviana Wireless Transmitter Extreme Ankle Strap is designed to keep your transmitter safe and in place on the talent's ankle during extreme action scenes, without undermining comfort. It is handcrafted in Italy using modern materials and design techniques based on ideas suggested by sound pros.

Made of slim, stretchable, sweat- and water-resistant fabric, the extreme ankle strap provides comfort and breathability for extended periods of use. A proprietary hypoallergenic, no-slip grip across its entire surface ensures that it stays in place on the ankle, ideal when working on fast-paced film sets, "reality" TV shows, sports events, or stage performances.

The extreme ankle strap is 15" in length (unstretched) and features an overlap hook-and-loop fastener that provides a snug fit, while staying invisible under the talent's clothing. The universal pouch is made of moisture-resistant fabric, which provides protection against sweat reaching the transmitter. It stretches to hold small and large transmitters, and is equipped with a hook-and-loop strip to keep the transmitter securely in place, even in demanding situations.

Two cable pockets let you quickly tuck in the microphone cable, keeping it secure without using tape, while at the same time creating a safe strain-relief system if the cable is tugged. The extreme ankle strap is color-coded with three mini color squares for easy identification.

Key Features

  • Holds transmitter secure around the ankle during the most extreme action scenes in film, sports, "reality" TV, and stage applications
  • Soft, breathable fabric provides talent with a comfortable fit
  • Water- and sweat-resistant material prevents sweat from reaching the transmitter when in contact with the skin
  • Handcrafted in Italy using high-quality materials
  • The ankle strap is 15" in length (unstretched)

No-Slip Grip

  • Hypoallergenic, no-slip grip across the entire surface of the strap keeps it from slipping down the ankle

Universal Transmitter Pouch Size

  • The transmitter pouch is compatible with most popular transmitters in the market
  • The pouch features a hook-and-loop strip to keep the transmitter securely in place in the pocket

Double Cable Pouch

  • Two cable pouches (one on each side of the transmitter pouch) let you tuck in the cable very quickly so you won’t waste time searching for it when rushing on set

Invisible Hook-and-Loop Fastener

  • Low-profile hook-and-loop fastener provides a strong grip with an invisible overlap

Label on Back of Strap

  • A label on the back of the strap creates a grip between the fabric when it’s overlapped, avoiding the "tongue effect" that causes the fabric to lose grip and slip down on the ankle of the talent

Discreet Size Color-Coding

  • Each strap model is color-coded for easy identification
  • Three mini color squares are sewn into the pocket area
  • Extreme models have an orange square on the top left
Ankle = White
Thigh = Green
Waist [L] = Red
Waist [M] = Blue
Waist [S] = Yellow
Waist [XS] = Purple

Transmitter Compatibility

  • Lectrosonics: SMDWB, SMQV, SMWB, LT, LMb, UM400a, WM, SMV, SSM
  • Senhheiser: SK2000, EW G4 / G3 / G2, SK5212, SK9000
  • Zaxcom: ZMT3, ZMT3 P48, TRX LA2 & LT2, ZFR 200 & 300
  • Audio Ltd: A10-TX, TX1010, TX2040, miniTX, TXP, TXPH
  • Wisycom: MTP40, MTP40s, MTP41, Lite
  • Shure: AXT100, UR1M
  • TASCAM: DR10c
  • And more

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