Rycote InVision Universal Shock Mount

  • $49.99


  • Duo-Lyre Cradle
  • Reduces Handling Noise
  • 3/8" (0.95 cm) Brass Shoe
  • Works with Push-On Type Windscreens
  • Integral 1/4" (0.64 cm) Tap
  • Virtually Unbreakable Microphone Clip
  • Works with DSLR Cameras and Boom Poles
  • Integrated Cable Clamp
  • Fits 19 to 34 mm Diameter Microphones


The Rycote Universal Shotgun Mount for Cameras and Boom Poles is designed for use with either a DSLR camera shoe or a boom pole. The unit's duo-lyre cradle will hold your microphone and provide isolation against handling noise, low frequency rumble, and vibrations from camera motors or from the boom pole.

The microphone clip will accept 0.75 to 1.34" (19 to 34 mm) diameter microphones with a one size fits all clip design and non-slip grip treatment.

The 3/8" shoe is machined from solid brass for ultimate durability and has an integral 1/4" tap. The cable clamp assures proper cable management for additional isolation. The brass shoe adapter can be removed for conversion to boom pole use. All types of push-on windscreens such as a classic-softie, super-softie, BBG, and standard foam windscreens.

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