Last Look Labels Phrases Velcro Packs

  • $50.00


Have something to say but sound speeds? Maybe you want to flash a little flair? Vibe check the haters? Last Look Labels velcro patch packs let you cop an attitude without giving attitude, show your stance without losing your footing, and add a little spice to the job you still cant believe you're getting paid for. These packs include:

  • 5 individual 1" x 3" hard/hook side velcro backed patches.
  • A Pack
    • Quiet On Set
    • Sound Speeds
    • Net Zero
    • Fix It In Post
    • AKS
  • B Pack 
    • Where's Crafty
    • Live. Laugh. Lunch.
    • Grace My A$$
    • Mayonnaise Commercial
    • Relax. It's Just TV.

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