D-Tap Advanced Battery Charger

D-Tap Advanced Battery Charger

  • $75.00

The VL-DT1 is a single channel, low cost, portable charger designed to charge IDX batteries equipped with a D-Tap Advanced port. The D-Tap Advanced’s 3-pin design monitors the cell status to ensure correct, controlled charging which prolongs battery life.
Compatible batteries: DUO-C series (DUO-C95DUO-C98DUO-C98REDDUO-C150DUO-C190DUO-C198), SB-U series (SB-U50SB-U98), IPL series (IPL-98IPL-150), Imicro series (Imicro-98Imicro-150), DUO-CP series (DUO-C98PDUO-C150PDUO-C198P), ZEN-C series (ZEN-C98GZEN-C150G).

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