Film & Audio Production Co-Op Opportunity

by Tyler Faison

Imagine this:

You're surrounded by industry professionals of all departments. the Shop Phone rings! It's a new client that needs an audio quote. The email notification goes off; it's a G&E rental booked by a client themselves. The Sound Stage is beaming with inquiries on upcoming bookings, and the retail system is popping with orders that need to be fulfilled since the highly-creative and stylized monthly promo newsletter you designed went off. Bonus: there's a filmmaker's playground in your basement. With over 5 tons worth of G&E, and all the location sound gear you could ever need the only thing stopping you from creating content and practicing your craft is you! All it takes is a passionate individual with an idea to come in and make use of it.

We strive to create as much quality content as we can while we have the full access to resources at our disposable. By having multiple social media platforms to create content for, we're looking for the right people who have the drive to multitask and get these projects done and achieve their own. If you're looking for an internship or Co-Op opportunity that gives you the tools to achieve your dream of filmmaking, but also learn the in and outs of a fast-growing Studio business, you've come to the right spot.

You just have to ask yourself something first;

Are you willing to go that extra mile for a customer's online order, get your hands dirty and possibly get sweaty with a client's grip package, edit a 30 second video promo for the Content Calendar? Chaos is common on this side of town, but if that fuels your fire you are already on the right path. It's just a matter of how you put out those fires that matter. Fortunately, the industry professionals around here will teach you. Your desire and motivation to grow in this field and in the department you want (or you think you want) to be in solely comes from the energy you put into each task you take on, no matter how big or small. That is definitely a deciding factor in whether you are the correct candidate for this position. 

Whether you are an active or aspiring writer, editor, camera operator, sound mixer, grip, gaffer, hair or make-up artist or any of the other scores of roles in Production, there is something for you to gain out of this two story Gold Mine. While this is an unpaid position, we'll do every effort to get you paid out there on set where you will start to gain real industry experience and build your credit list. You'll definitely learn here if show-business is the business for you!

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