Viviana Transmitter Chest Straps Extreme

  • $42.99

The beige VSCHBGEX Straps Extreme Series Chest from Viviana is a handcrafted, slim, breathable, and soft hypoallergenic fabric made in Italy with a built-in universal pocket that stretches to securely accommodate any modern wireless bodypack transmitter. It can be used on stage, film, theater, and rehearsal applications as a comfortable way for a talent to wear wireless transmitters that need to be hidden under clothing.

The Extreme Strap features a no-slip grip across the entire surface and offers excellent water and sweat resistance. The dual cable keepers keep the lavalier's excess cable tidy on either side of the universal pocket. It features invisible overlap touch-tab fasteners and includes a touch strip for securing the transmitter in the pocket for complete assurance in demanding sports and reality situations.

Touch-Tab Fasteners

Ultra-low profile touch-tabs with an amazing grip and invisible overlap.

Universal Transmitter Pouch Size

Compatible with all the main transmitter on the market today. The gauze fabric of the pocket is in contact with the skin, therefor sweat humidity won't reach the transmitter.


The label and the cut on the top of the back side help you to roll it up easily. The label on the back will create grip between the fabric when it's overlapped, to avoid the "tongue effect " that causes the fabric to lose grip and slip down on the body of the actors.

In the Box

You'll also find the strip to secure the transmitter pocket.


Viviana straps are also customizable: your logo can be printed in a very special film on the straps, so you won't lose or swap your straps when you're on big productions with several sound recordists.

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