Silent Brown Grocery Store Bag

  • $32.49

These are the ORIGINAL Silent Bags designed by renowned movie and television property master; Tim Shultz. Favored by the industry's top Property Masters & Art Directors, Silent Bags have become an indispensable tool eliminating sound disruptions in live theater productions and helping film & television productions stay on schedule and under budget! 

Objects such as paper grocery bags can create an unexpected amount of noise which can be a big problem getting in the way of dialogue on stage or on a film set. To ensure the audience can hear or the sound team records the best sound possible, prop teams often seek silent versions of real products.

Color: Kraft paper brown

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@dependableexpendables Silent Bags designed to not disrupt the audio in Film & Stage production. #filmprops #onsetsecrets #filmaudio #behindthescenes #filmproduction ♬ original sound - Dependable Expendables

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