Jorestech Safety Glasses, 12 pack

  • $14.99

Keep your eyes safe in potentially dangerous industrial surroundings and those days you’re using gun fire or pyro on set. Safety first, y’all!

Get UV 400 protection with these Prescription Frame Compatible Eye Protection Activewear that meets ANSI Z87+ standards and which are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Equipped with wide frame vented reinforced lateral side shields, these eyeglass compatible glasses can be used for work or play, and are available in transparent (clear) or contrast-enhancing amber tint lenses and frames. Their Polycarbonate hardened high impact lenses have scratch-resistant coating and the Hi-Flex Frame cuts down on user fatigue and improves the hold.

These High-Impact, Clear Frame, Clear Lens Goggles made for indoor and outdoor use are compatible with ear muffs and have a scratch-resistant coating as well as resistance to splashes. These lightweight goggles have an adjustable elastic band for comfort during prolonged usage.

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