BlueStar Oval Large Eyecushion - #6012

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Oval Large Viewfinder Eyecushion #6012
103mm x 82mm

Canon XL H1, Canon XL1, Canon XL2, Canon C700, JVC GY-100U, Panasonic AGDVX 100B, Panasonic AG-HVX20, Panasonic DVCPRO HD, Panasonic HDX 900P, Panasonic HMC41,Panasonic HMC81,Panasonic VariCam 27F (HD), Panasonic HC-X1000, Panasonic VariCam 4K, Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K, Panasonic ak-uc3000, Sony 900, Sony 900S, Sony DCR-SD1000, Sony EX1, Sony EX3, Sony F55 4K, Sony F5, Sony HD, Sony HDWF900R, Sony HVR-HD1000, Sony HXR-MC1500, Sony HXR-MC2000, Sony HXR-NX70, Sony NEX-FS100E, Sony CBK-VF01, Viper HD, Sony PDW-700, Sony pdw700, Sony PDW-800, Sony PXW-X320, Sony PXW-X400, Sony CBK-VF01, Sony pdw f335, Sony bvw 300, Sony NEX Fs-700, Sony Fs-100, Sony Venice or similar eyecups.

Since 1984, every single genuine Bluestar Eyecushion is carefully crafted and inspected one at a time to ensure a perfect, sanitary, safe and consistent Eyecushion, right here in our Toronto production studio. Our production and inspection staff are taught and updated on an ongoing basis to ensure consistency of our high standards.  In a world where quality is commonly compromised for profit, we are proud to maintain our high standards and deliver to you a high quality Canadian made product.  And interestingly, Bluestar Eyecushions have been tested by Nasa engineers for space use and could be the first Eyecushions sent to Mars.

As the worldwide leader in the Camera Viewfinder Eyecushion market since 1984, Bluestar has become synonymous with Eyecup comfort around the world. 

All Bluestar Eyecushions are currently available in 3 types of facing materials, all carefully chosen for performance, safety and comfort.

1. Genuine Oil-Tanned English Chamois Leather
100% natural—our tried, tested and true facing material that remains unchanged since 1984.  Our Chamois provides a high level of softness for your face along with an extremely high perspiration absorption rate—absorbs six times its weight of water.  Available only in natural chamois colour.  Our Chamois is 100% natural-oil-tanned sheepskin leather to give you a uniquely luxurious, golden, soft finish. Our Chamois has a reputation for its high quality, and continues to be made using traditional methods to ensure high performance, safety durability. Our Chamois Eyecushions can be used in any climate and beautifully contours to the shape of your eyecup. If you wash your Chamois Eyecushion, you will have brush it to bring back the original softness.

2. Ultrasuede
Provides a high level of softness for your face along with a superior moisture absorption rate. Our Ultrasuede is a 100% non-woven material made of intertwined, brushed, ultra-fine fibre strands, which creates a uniquely soft and smooth texture, much like natural chamois and suede. We offer a multitude of Ultrasuede colours for you to choose from. Our Ultrasuede Eyecushions can be used in any climate and beautifully contours to the shape of your eyecup. 

3. Fleece
Provides a high level of softness and the highest comfort level while shooting in cold weather while enhancing light blockage.  The fluffy feel reduces the rate of heat transfer, making the material feel warmer in cold conditions. The effect can be described similarly to how a tile floor feels colder than carpet. Available in a multitude of colours.  We recommend using our Fleece Eyecushions when shooting in cool and cold climates, but some operators have successfully used our Fleece Eyecushions year round. 100% synthetic.

Fitting your eyecup with a Bluestar Eyecushion

To Determine which Eyecushion fits your Eyecup, please use the search bar located at the top right corner of our site to find your camera. The search function is quite sensitive towards camera specifics such as FS5, EVF, DCR-SD1000 etc, so if you have trouble finding your camera we recommend using vague searches such as Canon; Sony; Red etc. and sort through the sizes until you find your specific camera model. 
If you manage to find a Bluestar Eyecushion that fits your camera/ viewfinder, we recommend emailing us a pic of your eyecup (with dimensions of some sort if possible) to confirm the fit before placing your order given there are plenty of aftermarket eyecups. 
If you can't find your camera or viewfinder listed on our site, please email us and we will quickly determine the best fit for you. 

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