On Set Headsets Live Comms Pro X and Color Travel Case

  • $150.95

Experience seamless integration with top wireless systems like Clearcom and Bolero, as well as a Walkie-Talkie, with the On Set Headsets™️ Live Comms Pro X.

Designed for professionals in live production, this headset features a surveillance earpiece connected to a 4-Pin XLR connector and 2-Pin connector for simultaneous monitoring of wireless comms and a walkie-talkie. This has never been done before making it an exclusive product to On Set Headsets™️.  Its Kevlar reinforced wiring ensures durability and reliability in demanding environments. With a monaural Electret setup, it delivers unmatched audio fidelity.

Includes: 4-Pin XLR Headset with microphone, surveillance earpiece, and travel case, 1 Year Limited Replacement Warranty.

Compatible with 4-Pin XLR and Motorola 2-Pin 

Microphone: XLR is Open (PTT button activates M1 plug)

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty (included)

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