DPA d:screet™ CORE 6060 Omni Submini Mic

  • $615.00


High sensitivity lav with Microdot connector (adaptor required).

DPA's d:screet 6060 Core Subminiature lavaliers pack all the technology and clarity you've come to expect from DPA into a microphone that's only 3mm wide.

Engineered for the film, television, and live theater industries, the Subminiature lav can be hidden almost anywhere: in the hairline, under a collar, behind a button, you name it. Its small size and low noise floor make it an ideal choice for close-miking anything from a whisper to a scream.

Inside the d:screet 6060 Core Subminiature lav are the same internals and technology that powers the 4000 series of lavs, but shrunk down and miniaturized to fit inside the smaller form factor. This makes the Subminiature Series fully comparable to not only other lavalier of its size, but even to its larger 5mm cousins. Each lavalier is equipped with a removable cap that protects the microphone elements from water and sweat, allowing extended use throughout the day. 

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